Death To Religion

Believe in whatever religion you wish just understand that I don’t have to agree with it or have it imposed on me.

When religion and government are intermixed you have oppression of freedom of religion. Americans seem to think that to be American you must follow christian precepts and values. That the rest of the world needs these imposed on it for its own good. The propaganda says its democracy.

Doesn’t the Constitution say that I can worship god however I choose. As long as The Republic of the United States of America is still here its the best system out there, a system of law NOT religion.

I would expect to hear this from an American not a Russian, Mr Putin stated this better than any that I have hard in this country!

Is Russia more open to freedom of religion than America? Just change ‘Russia’ to ‘America’ in his speech.

Spirituality is a personal path that should not be subject to the ridicule or approval of other people and especially not the government. What I believe in is none of anyone’s business.

Christians, Jews, and Muslims have been killing each other for centuries. If you kill (murder) in the name of your god, you and your god are weak and disgusting. Why would a god need a lowly human to kill for it, please don’t say to prove worthiness, a god would already know. The only purpose is to obtain power and control over others, there is nothing spiritual in this behavior. These religions promote hate no matter which one your involved with. When a god, prophet or messianic figure seeks violence against others they are after power and control. If a religion was actually the true way a god wanted things then it would not need my help to rid the world of opposing views. Freedom of choice, then let your god deal with me personally when that time comes.

Spirituality must overcome religion if our world is to grow.



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What’s going on here!

There was a time in our history when the people were trustworthy. But, today we seem to live on deceit. Some glossed over picture of life. Politicians can’t be trusted; you can barely get them to give a straight answer to simple questions. The police have become something almost as useless. Committing crimes so they can arrest someone. The nation lives in fear. Our media has portrayed our country as a place that you can’t let your kids out to play without guards. The courts are more about expediency than justice. Justice should not be something you have to pay for. Do you know your neighbor, do you even take the time to try to know them. Did you know that only 6% of terrorist attacks on US soil are committed by Muslims and 42% are committed by Latinos, are we fighting the right group? You have to take time to live, slow down and look around, we’re on the path to destruction and the almighty dollar is taking us there. Banks should make loans to those who need them not those who don’t.
Do I sound a bit negative, well the world is becoming quite crowded and if we don’t start taking the time to get to know each other the violence is only going to get worse. And making more laws in an attempt to control this will not work.

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